Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yin Yang

Currently I am working on a king size quilt for my son and new daughter in law. The pattern, shown at left is by Daniella Stout of Cozy Quilt Designs. It comes with instructions for all sizes from lap or throw sized through king. Clicking on the image will take you to the pattern in my Bonanza booth.

This is a great pattern, easy, not at all intimidating for the beginning quilter, and it is fat quarter and strip friendly. When it is done it looks quite impressive, as if you had to put a great deal of effort into making it! It is so simple it works well for someone who doesn't have the luxury of spending hours at a time on their project. You won't forget where you got to since the last time.

I chose to make Yin Yang in a variety of Hoffman, Tonga and Benartex batiks in colors ranging from peach through orange to rust, tan and deep brown. Yes I am a fabriholic. These are the new fabrics I bought for this project, and of course many others were added from my stash. Some of the new batiks in my collection

I started making the blocks with mixed up light, mediums and darks, and quickly realized this resulted in something more to my tastes than my son's so I put those blocks aside to make a couch sized throw for my husband and started over using a Tonga Treat pack in the colorway meringue for the background fabrics.

My Treats were a gift from my friend and business partner Lori the Dakota City Quilter. 42 very light and neutral batiks, all different, gave me the variety I needed without looking too scrappy. One width of fabric strip makes four blocks, two each of light and dark. I was able to find enough very light batiks in my stash to cut the eight extra strips needed to make this enormous quilt.

This was my first experience with pre-cut strips, I have read other quilters who do not care for the ones with pinked edges. I like the Tonga strips which are not pinked and can be found really reasonably priced if you do a Google search online. Be sure to add the shipping price when comparing as often it pushes the price up to 'just darned expensive'!

Y'all come back!

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