Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best Secret Santa

Secret Santa and secret sister gift exchanges are fun, especially when you open the group to overseas participation. There is a special joy in putting together a package that you hope will surprise and delight the person who receives it.

In these days of economic gloom and doom finding moments of joy becomes especially important. Any time you can get a twofer in the joy department is cause for celebration!

Last year Lori and I read a lot about a pattern called the Wonder Wallet, it is by Lazy Girl Designs. Reviews were all good. The Wonder Wallet pattern is enjoyable to make and several ladies made them as their main Christmas Gift. This sounds like a twofer! Have the fun of making it and the fun of giving it! Woo hoo!

If Lori ever gets herself dug out of a Minnesota snowdrift we will make some and post pictures.

We have the Wonder Wallet pattern in stock and are anticipating more Lazy Girl Design patterns to arrive soon.

Shipping to the everywhere in the USA (yes Alaska and Hawaii are included) and Canada is included in the price. Shipping to Australia and Europe costs $3 for the first pattern and $1.80 for each pattern thereafter when bought and paid for in a single payment.

What a deal! It's a steal!

Y'all come back!


  1. I'm dug out and buried in boxes. Maybe next week I will have time to test drive this pattern. I've heard so much about them, I gotta try it myself

  2. Lazy Girl, OK i qualify. Someone unbury Lori please.