Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweet Heart

Almost all little girls love pink at some stage in their lives and my grand daughter was no exception. Her twin quilt, sized to fit a bunk bed, is definitely pink.

Lori the Dakota City Quilter used Hermione Agee of Lorien Design's pantograph Alfresco on it which turned out very well. The lazy flowers and leaves on hearts are as sweet as can be, just as they should, for a little girl, but more importantly the design is not too tight.

Why is this important? The piecing is dense, tiny little pieces, not only in the hearts but the entire background is pieced. For the block size I chose the largest piece is 1-1/2" by 4-1/2". Adding quilting with lines of stitching very close together would result in a stiff 'boardy' quilt. It is getting hard to find an attractive pantograph which isn't too dense. What are your favorites?

This quilt pattern is in a book called Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block: Hot, New Ideas for Woodpile Quilts by Anita Hallock. Published in 1999 and long out of print it is still available from Amazon, both new and used.

Anita Hallock is one of the most underrated quilt book authors there is, I don't know why. Her methods are easy for beginners to get good results from, without looking 'beginnerish'. It is an old book and looks like an old book but by golly I am glad it is in my quilting library. I learned a lot from it.

At the time I made this I did not have much pink in my stash. I had a lot of fun making up for the lack. I made it up so well I had enough leftovers to make the Pink Salad quilt but that is a different story which I will save for another day.

Y'all come back!

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