Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Lovely Mrs Jones

My everyday sewing machine is a 1933 Singer 15 but I will occasionally pull out and sew on one of my other favorites like this lovely old lady from England.

Mrs Jones at nearly 100 years old still sews a beautiful and even straight stitch, I find the ticking sound of the boat shuttle clicking back and forth is very soothing.

On the back of my machine is a very ornate decal stating " by appointment to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra". Queen Alexandra was married to Queen Victoria's oldest son who became King Edward VII. She spent most of her life as Alexandra, Princess of Wales. This would date the machine between 1901 and 1910, as after King Edward VII died she would have been called the Queen Mother.

This decal is called a Royal Warrant and is given to this day to companies or tradespeople who supply goods and services to the royal family. I wonder if she ever sewed on it?

Y'all come back!

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