Saturday, April 14, 2012


With record breaking temperatures these last weeks Spring is definitely here in South Dakota.

Lori keeps telling me, "we may have a blizzard next week" but meanwhile I am driving everybody crazy asking questions about things they take for granted and (mostly) don't even think about.

Example, what to rabbits do in the winter?

Spring is a novelty for me after living for so many years without real seasonal change and I am enjoying it.

The pink tree above is the view from Lori's north facing sewing room window, I believe it is a flowering crab apple tree. It is loaded with blossom and just breathtakingly beautiful.

Just down the street from my house is this spectacular white flowering tree which I think might be a flowering pear.

The variety of shades of green in the new leaves on trees around town amazes me.

This tree on the left is a Chinese Poplar, fast growing, brittle, short lived and most think of it as a trash tree which in many ways it is, but right now it is is lovely.

Y'all come back!

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