Friday, April 13, 2012

Dishwasher Safe? Really?

Lori had an appointment in Sioux Falls yesterday so I "went with".

Going to the big city is always a marathon, not necessarily much shopping but a lot of looking, and it is so much more fun going with a girl friend than with a husband.

Imagine! No whining.
No "Are we about done in here?" or "Why do you want to go to . . . . ?"

We went to the most wonderful nursery greenhouse with the healthiest plants I have seen in a long time, healthiest prices too averaging $4.99 per bedding plant. Very clever merchandising, instead of selling bedding plants in tiny six packs for a couple of dollars they re-pot them into 4" pots and price at about a 750% markup.

Okabashi label I bought a second large hanging basket for my front porch for $9.99 at Menards, and some reasonably priced plants.

As we were leaving I spotted some interesting looking rubber flip flops. Whipping off my shoe and sock I tried one on, they passed the test and came home with me. Maybe I can wear them after the snow predicted for next week melts.

While removing the label this morning I agreed with most of the claims, they are indeed joyfully comfortable. I am glad they are 100% recyclable, vegan friendly and slip resistant. Anti-microbial is good also. Dishwasher safe? Eeeuuwwww!

Y'all come back!

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  1. no husband looking at list and saying "why are you looking at THAT--its not on the list!" Just two friends having a great time "dinking". Looking just to look. ahh--it was great! (but no more Target for Henrietta--she bought a shopping cart full of stuff!)