Sunday, April 29, 2012

Goals & Progress Report

Not too much sewing has been done. The weather has been glorious and I have been playing in the garden, wonderful Mr Mutchmore came and tilled the vegetable patch. I immediately planted Early Girl tomatoes, three pumpkins, lettuce, and a few radishes. The little boy next door is going to grow corn in the back 40 (square feet) and I will plant runner beans, spring onions and carrots when the plot dries out from our recent rain. Fingers crossed we do not get another freeze.

I have used either Lori's or my own Singer 15 exclusively for rather a long time and have become very set in that particular rut. Here in South Dakota I can use a 15 at Lori's house but I have a little vintage (1955) Singer 99K in mine, click image to enlarge. The “K” in the model name indicates it was made in Kilbowie, Scotland, it is a long way from home.

The Singer 99 is a 3/4 sized machine but still plenty tough. Surprisingly different from the Model 15 in its little quirks, probably nobody else would notice, but did I mention, I am very set in my rut.  I have had to 'cowgirl up' but because of those differences I have put the Double-X Effect quilt, which is all triangles, back in the "To do Box"

My choices of machine to bring to this house from 200 West Main were limited, it is the only Singer and the youngest machine in my collection of antique and vintage machines. I bought this particular machine because it was a bargain, it is absolutely pristine, looks like it has never been used and it has a cabinet or sewing machine table, as opposed to a case. Those 3/4 size cabinets have never been common and are getting really hard to find. Back from the wonderful machine repair shop in Mitchell, it has a new electrical cord and plug and is much happier.

Quilty goals progress: 
  • I have finished piecing the Swoon quilt which I started last year, the backing is pieced and it is waiting it's turn on the quilting machine. The Baby Swoon is in Texas awaiting the birth of baby Brock next month. This is the first time a quilt has arrived before the occasion. History is made!
  • The Domiciles,  project has 36 little houses completed, 63 to go. I am enjoying this one which is decimating Lori's stash of reds. For scrappy quilts my personal rule of thumb is no more than 5% of any fabric and preferably no two identical block/fabric combinations.
  •  Summer Porch from Eleanor Burns Quilts Through the Seasons: A Quilt for Each Month of the Year book has four new blocks, for a total of 30 completed on the blocks. there are a bunch of simple border blocks too. It is my "keep at Lori's house project".
Progress on non quilting goals:
  • Mow the lawn - done, several times!
  • Fill the birdbath and dig the flower bed around it. - done and Morning Glories have been planted
  • List Lori's very large box of surplus books on Bonanza and Amazon (different ones on the different sites)- done
  • Continue weeding the front and side flower beds - in progress, may be ongoing for months :(
  • Plant my hanging basket for the front porch - done, I made two and a large container, all are on the front porch.
This weeks goals:
  1. Five more Summer Porch blocks
  2. Ten more Domiciles blocks
  3. Sand and paint the $1 coffee table I bought last week, I am thinking Swedish blue to complement the ratty carpet which needs to be replaced.
  4. Continue weeding front flower beds, removing river rock 'mulch' and rotted shade cloth.
  5. Plant Asiatic lilies and some perennial flowers.
  6. Make a climbing trellis for Moonflowers by the side door deck.
Y'all come back!

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