Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chickens on the Back

I have been enjoying my husband's visit to California! There are more chores to do because I have to do his chores as well as my own but there is less to do because he is not here. Only one load of laundry all week, the dishwasher has been set off once since he left instead of daily, etc. etc. etc.

I have been working on my blue and white boredom backup quilt. Three out of five rows are complete so I think it may be finished to the first border stage this weekend, then I must return to the Double-X effect because it is calling to me.

A back-ordered fabric arrived . . . one of the great joys of living somewhere without fabulous fabric stores is the arrival of a package! This will be a quilt back.

The fabric is Warren Kimble's Patriotic Roosters for Quilting Treasures. I am pretty sure this is the same rooster called Chicken Sam in the print of the same name, shown at right, a charming folk art spoof of Uncle Sam.

There have been some wonderful chicken fabrics over the years. Somewhere in my stash is some black and white chicken fabric I bought for backing at least ten years ago. I just haven't made the right quilt for it yet although I can think of at least two quilts I have made with chickens on the back.

Y'all come back!

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  1. Love the patriotic chicken fabric. If it was mine I'd have to immediately start a new quilt that it would be the perfect backing for.

    I understand you enjoying your husband's trip. I always enjoy deer season because mine leaves early for the day and comes back after dark. He's not hanging around home expecting dinner at 12 and supper at 6 or making messes doing "projects." I really liked it too when he had a 8-5 job...left before 7:30, got back after 5:30. Now he leaves by 5:45am he's home by 2:45, when I'm just getting started on projects. I dread his retirement. I may have to get another part-time job just to stay out of prison!!