Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year

Our clouds are so low today they are wisping around the house like fog. By mainland winter standards it is not cold, just over 55 degrees, but I am feeling cold. My husband is taking his first day off in at least eight weeks.

Over the years I have learned that when one is married to a workaholic who also enjoys his work, there is no point in whining. I keep a honey-do list and when the opportunity arises to get one thing done I grab it. The 'only one thing' method works well on the whole, I always use the words "I need you to do one thing for me please." I had hoped to get new hinges on the hen yard gate, I am very tired of lifting, dragging and propping rocks to keep it closed. If I could get the one remaining hinge off by myself I would do the whole job, but on this nasty drippy and chilly day I am not going to ask.

Following the example of my BFF and business partner Miss Lori, the Dakota City Quilter I have been thinking about targets and goals for the New Year. Life is short, the older I get the faster time is whizzing by. I am going to do more things I enjoy.

  • If I am cold I will turn on the propane heater and to h**l with what it costs!
  • I am going to throw away, give away or recycle (off the premises) three things each day. I did this in 2009 and it was a miracle of decluttering.
  • I am going to avoid participating in anything which has deadlines.
  • I will participate in but not join Judy's UFO buster. I missed the deadline :~)
  • I will make a list of UFO's and attempt to finish one each month, but I will not stress if I don't accomplish it.
  • I will organize my time better so there is more me time.
  • I will ignore dust.

Y'all come back!

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  1. All good goals. I especially like the last one. [grin]