Wednesday, January 26, 2011

They Say

The older you get the faster time whizzes by. Where did this last week go? If you find out please let me know, I am still looking.

Monday Goals. It is not a race!

Work in Progress, the Double-X Effect quiltMonday goals should probably be changed to weekly goals! I did finish my goal with the Double-X. Another row is completed. The next row has seven blocks plus pieced setting triangles and I really do not intend to rush the process. I mean, it doesn't make sense to rush rush rush when you are doing something you enjoy. Unless you are the kind of person who enjoys rushing. I don't think I do anymore. I am more into savoring the moment these days. Anyway, I am targeting mid February for this next step.

I don't know why I have been procrastinating sewing together the backing for my French Reel. It is there, waiting. Just like the wall behind my Double-X is waiting for sheetrock and window trim. How do you like my 'design wall'? One day this house will be finished, I live in hope.

The anti-boredom backup project

I always have a second project to play with because I get bored easily. My current one is a very bright and graphic blue, white and yellow affair. I got a great buy on a collection of bright blue batik fabrics at Hancocks of Paducah made by Textile Creations, a company I had never heard of. It is called Corfu Blue and I bought a yard each of ten different patterns. Some are floral but most are abstract or geometric designs. The material is very heavy, similar in texture to the Indian batiks that were being sold a few years back, but softer. The 'hand' reminds me of genuine 30's feedsack fabric; which of course had to be sturdier than our modern reproductions to hold 50# of feed without breaking.

In other news, I have ordered a copy of The Quilter's Apprentice from Amazon. My blog buddy Jay is doing a hand piecing class based on the book at the Keene Library in Freemont Nebraska. No, I haven't had a breakdown and started hand piecing but I thought it might be fun to follow along, at a distance both literally and metaphorically.

If you are ever near Freemont do check out the library, it is an amazing and beautiful Art Deco building in a historic district filled with wonderful Victorian homes.

Lots of new and some 'new gently used' patterns listed in the last week in our Bonanza booth take a look! Free shipping on all new patterns and we love to combine shipping for you.

Y'all come back!

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