Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Plumber

Today Mr Winter came to fix a list of small problems which had been ignored by the last tenant. Mr Winter is the world's nicest plumber. I say so and so does Janet. We can't both be wrong.

Mr Winter is in his mid eighties and has been in the trade for 60 years. As he came in he remarked that he hadn't been in this house for years. After that many years he has probably been in most houses in this little town.

I am always interested in history and with a little encouragement he told me his brother had installed the indoor plumbing for "an old maid" who lived here in 1947. Mr Winter was still in high school and helped with the remodel.

As I had suspected, this house was not built with an indoor bathroom. Back in the day you used the outhouse in the back yard for the necessary and baths were taken in a tin tub in the kitchen. The back bedroom was cannibalized to put a bathroom in.

How happy that lady must have been her first winter with indoor plumbing!

Y'all come back!

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