Friday, March 16, 2012

You Can Never Have Too Many Roses

Lori, her husband and I went to Mitchell on Monday and we had supper at Marlins. Marlins is a truck stop and they have a very good cafe.

Monday is half price burger night, I found it quite unbelievable that we all three ate for less than $20, and we were too full to clean our plates. I should point out I have very hearty appetite! If you are passing through Mitchell and like down home fare you will not go wrong eating there.

After supper we went shopping. I have been surprised at how many small things I take for granted at home and use daily that I just do not have here. For example a pencil sharpener.

The mats shown above have to be the ultimate bargain buy. Would you believe less than $2 each? Indoor outdoor, 24" x 36", Made in the USA and covered in pink and yellow roses!

As you can see I bought two, although I didn't realize they were different until I got them home, not that it matters. One is a Berber like texture and the other felt looking. I got one for my back porch door because Boysie tracks in a lot of 'stuff' and one for the bathroom, in front of the sink, soft and cushy for my feet and a lot warmer than the linoleum, prettier too.

On Tuesday we took an evening road trip to Orchard, Nebraska to sew with the Library Ladies.

Orchard is about 100 miles away and it is a neat little town. The local Historical Society has restored the old movie theater and moved in an old Schoolhouse next door which appears to be a museum complete with the smallest desk and chair sets you have ever seen. I guess there were no fat kids on the prairie in those days. The original Newspaper building is close by.

Not a lot of sewing got done on my part, well, none actually, but I did finally get to meet Quiltin' Library Lady and and her awesome group. It was just as unseasonably warm in NE as it has been here, we stood around outside and chatted for ages afterwards. Fun trip.

Y'all come back!


  1. We enjoyed having you and Lori here for our quilt group meeting.....still haven't gotten back to that project.

    Haven't been to Mitchell for ages, but will have to remember the name of that cafe.

    Hard to believe you found something Made in the USA to buy......seems like so much is made in China or some other cheap labor country.