Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Birthday Birdcage

Back in November I sold this delightful Birdcage Candle Lantern to a young lady from Australia who wanted to use it as a decoration on her birthday cake.

She had difficulty getting her payment processed with the correct shipping but we persisted and after many emails back and forth, on the third try we succeeded.

Crossing my fingers that it would not be too heavy for it's intended purpose and that it would arrive in time I shipped it off Air Mail. It took exactly ten days to get from southeastern South Dakota to Southern Australia which was a relief.

I had asked her if she would send me a picture, and by golly she did, this arrived this evening, click to embiggen.

I am astounded at her talent, she made and decorated this cake herself. The bird cage was painted to match the free form decoration on the sides and of course she now has a permanent souvenir of her 21st birthday.

Y'all come back!

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