Saturday, February 26, 2011

Superstition or Serendipity

This is my 13th loan through Kiva and the borrower Nancy's 13th loan too. I have a natural bias to lend to women, 8 women and 5 men to date; which I am working to correct, next loan goes to a man. In this case, whether from superstition or pure serendipity, this is where the money goes.

From Kiva:
"Nancy, aged 40, lives with her three children in her own house in Huancayo, Peru. More than six years ago she opened a food stall in her house and since then she spent every day preparing meals. Her children are grown up and help her in her business; they cook and serve meals.

Thus hard-working Nancy earns a living. She also accepts orders for large quantities when many people come together and celebrate a special event. Her work philosophy is to be always available for her customers, keep order in her business and have adequate control over her accounts. This ensures a stable income and is according to her the key to her profitable business. Therefore she intends to buy new cookware and utensils.

This is her loan No. 13 with Microfinanzas Prisma. Nancy is very happy to rely on continuous financial support, since she always repaid her previous installments on schedule. In addition, she likes being a member of her communal bank, because all her fellow members are responsible and very supportive.

She thanks those who will manage her loan, because it will be very useful to the progress of her activity. She will use the loan to invest in new utensils and plates. She will also invest part of her loan in her farm business and buy a few bags of fertilizer." (translated from Spanish by Kiva)

Y'all come back!

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  1. I also participate in Kiva -- I've been doing it for a few years now and have done over 20 loans if I remember right. I tend to go with people involved in agricultural pursuits although other things have struck my fancy. I also lean toward women. I just had my first-ever loan defaults of a few dollars each. I don't care, I just love the idea of helping some person struggling in a third-world country make their life a little bit better.

    I love kiva!