Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nineteen Degrees

That was the temperature this morning after the sun rose enough to see the outdoor thermometer on my front porch. Everyone keeps telling me what beautiful, warm and unseasonable weather we are having. I nod madly, trying to convey my enthusiasm and honestly I am grateful but I am even more grateful for my huge bulky jacket and LL Bean snow boots. Naturally I caught a cold on the plane. You may laugh now.

On the left is the label I put on Boysie's airline crate. It was successful, nobody got bitten, that I know of.

I brought two bags, one contained nothing but fabric, the other my 36 x 24 cutting mat, two phones, a telephone modem and a very modest assortment of clothes.

Boyzel Dog's very chic winter coat, an assortment of toys and treats, my laptop and two cameras plus various specialty rulers, none of which could I bear to be without for a moment, filled my carry on.

Lori and her dear husband braved snow, ice, rain, fog and high winds (but not all at the same time) to drive the ninety miles to pick Boysie and I up at Sioux Falls airport.

Boysie dog had to come with on this trip, nobody home to take care of him. I would have liked to stay in the upstairs apartment at 200 West Main, but there is a slight plumbing problem, no water. So, I will be staying in another little house I own that fortunately came empty at exactly the right time.

After we arrived Lori made herself comfortable in my over-furnished (NOT! it is totally empty) living room to examine the contents of the important bag. Next week we will go look for a chair and a piece of foam insulation board for a design wall, and pins and ...

Y'all come back!


  1. Welcome back to the mainland...cold and all. We ARE having an unusually mild winter. Pretty much all the country is....very strange if you ask me. I keep thinking somewhere along the way the other shoe will drop and we'll pay for it. Hope you and Lori and make it to our sewing night the 2nd Tues. of March at 7:30p. Our group is just terrible at going places but we know you and Lori are MUCH better at the traveling. :) Have fun up there in SD.

  2. How long are you in SD?

    We just had our own slight plumbing problem (smaller than yours). The sprayer snapped off the main water hose under our kitchen sink. It took DH 7 hours to repair, since once he used the shutoff valves, they started leaking... so 3 new shut-off valves and a new faucet and sprayer. The dishwasher hose still isn't working, so no dishwasher, but I don't mind washing by hand!

    All the lack of furniture just means more space to put fabric out, right?

  3. I hope you are better soon. But I must say, I love that Wallpaper in the dining room? Kitchen?

  4. Fabric to fondle!! who needs furniture when there is fabric?!!