Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Goals

Quilting and blogging have taken a back seat this last few weeks. Google Search implemented a new policy which requires new (as opposed to used or vintage)items to have a Unique Product Identifier in order to be found in Google Shopping. Implementing this has been a massive project, and I am not finished.

There is always the temptation to just fix or improve something on the website shopping cart, rewrite that listing on Bonanza, take a better picture . . . it is never as simple as you think it will be.

I have added the first, plain yellow (discontinued Moda Marble Mates) border to my blue yellow and white quilt top.

The second border involved using the offcuts from the main blocks. Waste not want not and all that jazz. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Each offcut trimmed to a 2" square and I had enough of them to make top and bottom borders with a finished size of 1-1/2", the second side border is white. If I were truly dedicated I would have made more and done the entire second border with them. Yah! No!

I have cut batik strips for the last border, which will finish at 4" giving an over all quilt size of 62" x 74", a good sized throw. I hope to get that, and the bias binding finished this week. Then I will take a picture.

Y'all come back!

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