Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Peacocks On The Roof & The Old Avocado Tree

A young peacock on the roof of our lean-to shed. He and his wife visit almost every day because somebody throws yummy lay pellets up there. Isn't he just gorgeous? I particularly like his little white pantaloons. I am not sure when the tail feathers grow but will be sure to take pictures if I am here. Click pictures to embiggen.

The shed is attached to the garage directly opposite the deck and shaded by the same incredibly messy avocado tree. Not to say that this particular tree is messy, they are all just messy in general. The cycle is as follows starting in February:
  • All the leaves fall off. There are lots of leaves.
  • Flowers form, many flowers, then 98% of the flowers fall off, you can see flowers behind the peacocks head on the right.
  • New leaves grow and baby fruit. Shoots to make new branches.
  • All summer the tree provides dense shade which cools about half our house. Dried up branches & twigs fall constantly,together with immature fruit
  • Generally around November 'Green Bomb Season' starts. Large avocados hit the tin roof with a thunderous crash and rumble roll noisily down to drop with a thud on the ground.
  • We all eat avocados until we can't stand the sight of them. Humans, dogs, chickens, sheep and Mr Quigly the pig.

Y'all come back!

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  1. Are you back in Hawaii? I hope the cold weather didn't do you in!