Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today the weather is very dreary. I know rain is needed but does it have to be so dark while we are waiting for it?

Last week's goals:
  1. Five more Summer Porch blocks - untouched, this needs a design wall and mine is presently full!
  2. Ten more Domiciles blocks - done
  3. Sand and paint the $1 coffee table I bought last week, I am thinking Swedish blue to complement the ratty carpet (which needs to be replaced.) - half done, needs a second coat
  4. Continue weeding front flower beds, removing river rock 'mulch' and rotted shade cloth. - ongoing, this is heavy work and hard on my back.
  5. Plant Asiatic lilies and some perennial flowers. - done
  6. Make a climbing trellis for Moonflowers by the side door deck. - still thinking about the HOW
In this picture from top left, clockwise; P. ‘Old Scarlet Unique’; P. ‘Apricot’; P. ‘Red Flowered Rose’; P. ‘Dean’s Delight’ and in the center is P. ‘Peppermint’.

This week's goals:

  1. Unpin the houses blocks from my design wall to make room for 
  2. Five more Summer Porch blocks
  3. Ten more Domiciles blocks
  4. Plant the scented geraniums I ordered from Logees, some in pots and some in the flower beds.
  5. Play with my Trip Around the World project

Y'all come back!

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  1. trellis for side door--a white wooden one from Menard's and we'll pound a couple of electric fence posts in to fasten it to! White would look good with the white trim on the house. Or maybe that wooden fencing that isn't so tall--we could fasten it the same way--as long as you didn't lean on it!

    If you look my goals are small. tiny. almost nonexistent!