Sunday, October 2, 2011


Like many other parts of the country we are having a drought. When we moved into this house in January of 1983 everything was green and pretty just about all year. Oh, in August things would get a little browned and tired looking, but not for long. Now it looks like we are living somewhere in Africa.

The yard behind the house is mostly dirt, it is a fine dust which works its way through closed windows and doors, new windows and doors not the old leaky drafty ones.
I have a cute repro kitchen cabinet with glass doors on top and wooden ones below. I keep my vast stock of surplus china in it, mostly the stuff which is for sale. The theory is that the closed doors in the cabinet in a room which is kept closed up will be dust free.

It is that time of year when I check inventory, getting ready for the busy season and this is what I found when I went to count the china. Thank goodness I have a dishwasher!

This is today's project, remove dust, replace washed china and shut the doors quick! I will be a happy camper if I can figure out how to get rid of the dust that has seeped behind the grilles without taking the doors apart, because that is so not going to happen.

Now you know why my fabric stash lives in sealed plastic tubs, not prettily on shelves!

Y'all come back!

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