Sunday, September 11, 2011

No Need For Noah

Himself is a man of enthusiasms. His latest is that we will have a hibiscus hedge. They make a good hedge here, stay leafy year round and if we live long enough will give us privacy from our obnoxious Peeping Tom neighbor, Slither. This yellow one on the left is called Hula Girl.

Have I mentioned that we live in a natural wind tunnel? We have learned it is better to buy very small hibiscus so they can grow good roots before they are tall enough to have to fight the wind, or they lean over. Hula Girl is leaning.

Himself started by planting them three feet apart. After about a week of looking at them he decided we needed to plant more so they were about 18" apart.

This is one of my favorites below, look at the size of bloom on that tiny plant! It is called TieDye.

He has been watering every day. I hope he is prepared to do the yanking out of kikuyu grass which will grow right over the top of anything including your house.

We are dry, dry, dry and with dry comes dusty. We have a real problem with ants in the garden. They can kill a full grown tree and seem particularly partial to corms and bulbs, they must taste yummy. So far I think we may have lost one hibiscus plant. The ants also come marching into the house in hordes. I found a neat 'green' tip online which works on indoor ants.

Take an empty jelly or jam jar. Put in one or two or three cotton balls. Mix 1 part Borax, 1 part sugar and 3 parts water, fill jar about half way. If you have pets which are likely to want to drink out of the jar pierce holes in the lid. The ants will find their way in to enjoy their last swim.

Y'all come back!


  1. Obnoxious neighbors in Paradise!! Who'd have thought?? Good tip about sending ants for their last swim. Hibiscus are so pretty, probably wouldn't survive in NE though.

  2. A neighbor called Slither? Oh, my.

    I'm going to try your ant tip next time they come my way!